Photography is my medium to share my world with others.

Sometimes it starts with a stroll. I pick up something, amazed by its uniqueness, and take it home without knowing how I will use it. But I firmly believe that everything will fit one day into something I create.

My ideas often come up from a single feeling or a special moment – something I hear, touch or see. And when I reflect on it my inner jigsaw puzzle suddenly completes itself and a concept appears.

Collecting things and ideas, preparing a background, designing a whole series of pictures, even testing a DIY idea myself and finally capturing the beauty in a photo – that’s the way I feel comfortable with.

For me reusing and upcycling things is an important contribution towards protecting our common Mother Earth. That’s why sustainability and mindfulness are intimate companions of mine. Whenever possible I create things with my hands from something that’s already there.

And I really enjoy encouraging others to try out something they have never done before. It’s not about creating something perfect – it’s all about trying.

Whether my pictures convey a good feeling just for a moment or, even better, inspire others to create their own piece of art, they have one thing in common:

They are about celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of all things.
Because everything is already there, you just have to see it.

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Sabine Zimdahl
d – 67063 Ludwigshafen

0049 (0) 171 37 499 48